Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Into the Center of the Earth" at Cal Poly University Nov. 8-Dec 2

Video, collage, large scale photographs and a light Installation with mirrors and spheres.

THE COMING RACE by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. 1871. (Ideas of VRIL)
"Nothing had more perplexed me in seeking to reconcile my sense to the existence of regions extending below the surface of the earth, and habitable by beings, if dissimilar from, still, in all material points of the organism, akin to those in the upper world, than the contradiction thus presented to the doctrine in which, I believe, my geologists and philosophers concur-viz., that though with us the sun is the great source of heat, yet the deeper we go beneath the crust of the earth, the greater is the increasing heat, being, it is said, found in the ratio of a degree for every foot, commencing from fifty feet below the surface."
PHOTOGRAPHS OF GEYSERS (Geothermal Features on top of a Supervolcano)

SPHEROID SERIES-MIXED MEDIA. Inkjet Prints and silkscreen

The New City weekly did a cover story on my show.

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