Saturday, November 19, 2011

Into the Center of the Earth-Research/Found Images

I based my solo show, "Into the Center of the Earth", upon the recent discoveries of Yellowstone's Supervolcano true depth and size. Through different modes of "measuring" beneath the Earth's crust, Geologists discovered that the Caldera is now known to be much larger than known to be before. Yikes! I shared my work in an exhibition called "Natural Phenomenon" in May, 2011. The week that that show went up I read a current article about the Caldera being (basically immeasurable really). Ideas went swirling about in my mind of what it could even look like beneath the Earth's Crust...My new collages source the graphing design known as a Wulff Net diagram. This is used to measure distances and wavelengths in and around the Earth. As well as distances in and around other Spheroids in the Universe. Here are other images and source materials that blow my mind. Research about Refraction, Reflection and Diffraction is endless.

The Natural Gas hole that always burns. Called a gateway to hell. Miners threw a torch into the gas hole to see if it was safe. It obviously wasn't and this hole has been burning for years now. It is near Afghanistan.

This is the largest hole in the Earth. It is a diamond mine and there is a vortex in the middle of it. Helicopters or planes can get pulled into the vortex when they fly over it.

Light Orbs that show up in people's photographs

Hollowed Earth

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